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About Our Laser & Prices

We offer the best hair removal service by using the latest and greatest quality laser hair removal device out there. Results are wonderful. All Skin Types Light to Dark.

Our laser automatically has skin rejuvenation technology in it so your skin will be healthier and collagen production will be enhanced to reduce the negative effects of aging. 2 In 1 service can't be beat.

We don't make you buy into a contract. You pay as you go and for only what you need. For example some people take only 4 sessions and some take 8 sessions. If you are happy with your results after 4 sessions then wonderful there is no need to come back for more treatments. It's all up to you. Please note that most people take 6-8 sessions.

Preparing for an Appointment

-No waxing or plucking up to 4 weeks prior to your appointment. Great news you can shave.

​-On the day of your session please shave all of the areas that we'll be focusing on.

- Make sure that your skin is clean and free of makeup and creams the day of your appointment.

- Even though our highly effective laser works on tanned skin your session will be far more effective if your skin is in its natural skin tone (avoid sun, tanning beds, and self-tanners) prior to your session.


Full Body Package

Full Body Package $340 per session - This is the hassle free option if you want full body treatment and you want to save money without having to worry about pricing. Face is included free if needed.

Full Arms and Legs Package

Get full legs and arms for only $145 per session. Includes Basic Bikini, Hands, Fingers, Feet, and toes free if needed.

Add under arms for only $10
Add back for only $85
Add Chest for only $30.00
Add Belly Button Line for only $15
Add Stomach for only $30
Add Partial Brazilian for only $50
Add Full Brazilian for only $70
Add buttocks for only $30
Add face for only $30

Add Shoulders for only $30

Add Neck for only $25

Ala Carte Pricing

Individual Prices - If you want to focus on just certain areas then this individual pricing is for you. $50 Minimum Required.
Arms - $65 - Hands and Fingers included if needed
Lower Legs - $55
Upper Legs - $55
Full Legs - $100 - Basic Bikini, Feet, and Toes included Free if needed
Hands, Fingers, Toes, Feet $15 each area
Basic Bikini - $25
Full Bikini $35
Partial Brazilian - $70
Full Brazilian - $90 -
Buttocks - $50
Underarms $25
Face - $50
Chest - $60
Stomach - $60
Full Front Torso - $110.00
Back - $110.00

Shoulders $50

Neck $35

Important Notes to keep in mind before booking:

Because we don't have a male laser tech on staff we do not offer the following services to male clients: Bikini, Brazilian, Buttocks.

Since white/grey hair has no pigment it makes laser hair removal ineffective. However, we can help if you have a combo of white/grey hair with any other hair color. We can do this by focusing on the hair that still has pigment in it. This will reduce the overall amount of hair in the areas we treat.   

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Laser Hair Removal
From Face to Toes

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